Reiki Sets

Each of our Reiki gemstone has its own unique vibration, energy and personality. No two sets are alike and each one comes with different symbols that represent unique energy and vibrational pattern of healing. You can use our Reiki stones for emotional cleansing and our products even compliment medical treatments. They release tension and stress and, boost up creativity to achieve better heights in life.

White Selenite USAI- Reiki pendant set

Black obsidian electroplated USAI arrowhead pendant set

Sodalite USAI reiki set with pouch

Rose quartz quartz engrave colorful USAI reiki tower

Red jasper embossed USAI reiki pyramid

Crystal quartz colorful lingam USAI reiki set

Black jasper 5pcs reiki sets with pouch

Crystal quartz USAI flat stick pendant sets

RACG USAI reiki pyramid set

RACG USAI reiki heart pendant set

Opalite USAI reiki set with velvet purse

Blue kynite USAI reiki set

Rock crystal natural USAI reiki set with pouch

Tiger eye UASI reiki tower

Yellow Jade USAI Reiki Set With Pouch