Chakra Sets

Are you looking for the best chakra sets that lift you up? Our chakra sets help you enjoy optimal physical and mental health and, your aura will start extending beyond your body in all directions. All our chakra sets have their own unique healing color and their pure, spectral colors can be utilized to energetically influence your senses. Our products balance your body, mind and soul in the best possible way.

Chakra Buddha Itched Box with Chakra Disc sets


7 Chakra Basket Angel Pendulum set

Chakra heart shape ring pendant set

Celtic wooden chakra disc set

Crystal quartz chakra mandala palmstone set

7 Chakra pendulum set with chakra metal charms

Crystal quartz chakra colorful worrystone set with pouch

Crystal quartz lingam colorful engrave chakra set with pouch

White agate engrave chakra colorful disc set

7 Chakra cap pencil pendant set

7 Chakra bottle pendant set with colorful cords

Chakra angel set 2inch

Engrave chakra heart necklace set

Engrave chakra pyramid set

Chakra merkaba set